Homeland Update



*Spoiler alert*

Brody has been captured by the Iranians, where apparently Carrie and Saul have an opportunity to rescue him due to their connection with Javadi (sp). 

Brody was almost killed when he was riding shotgun with this duque and they hit a mine or something. Carrie was close to tears as she watched it on surveillance. 

Then he emerged from the car. 

Yeah, this show has completely jumped the shark. But I’m too far involved to stop watching it. Escalation of commitment and all. 

Anyway, Carrie suggested to Farah that she put her political activist uncle in play in Iran. She balked because of the gravitas of what Carrie was asking for. 

Carrie didn’t really tell anyone else she is pregnant and it’s Brody’s, including Brody. But of course the viewers have known this whole time. It seems like a cheesy storyline, when will she tell? Will Brody survive or even care? 

Next season, I’m going to wait until it’s all over and then mainline the entire season. This episode by episode viewing doesn’t allow me to appreciate overarching themes, because I’m so baffled by the plot choices. 

I heard that the Israeli show this was based on wasn’t supposed to be on the air past Season 2. (Not 100% sure of that, but in light of some of the plot lines this season, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. 


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