Homeland OD: Big Man in Tehran


**Spoiler alert**

It looks like the Iranian extraction plan is happening fast, possibly for the finale. I thought Brody would spend the next season in Iran.
Carrie does some nice undercover work, speaking French, hair darker, and wearing a hijab.
Saul is masterminding everything. He’s aware of getting played by the Iranians regarding the duque Mira slept with and he’s all in. We’ve known for awhile that it’s personal with Carrie, and so it is for Saul.

During debriefing, Quinn wonders why Carrie is so entrenched and why she’s not removed earlier and Saul says that it’s what she wanted.
We see some deprogramming regarding Brody’s brainwashing by Abu Nasir during a conversation with a female Islamic loyalist. He claims to be seeking asylum in Iran and is pronounced a “big man in Tehran” after making a statement to Iranian media.

The CIA proclaims Brody as going from asset to liability, but hasn’t that always been the case with Brody?
This episode cuts directly to the root of what Homeland is predicated on: the character of Brody. Is he trustworthy, or a wild card?

Carrie doesn’t want to cut her losses, but Saul and the CIA do and want her back.
Carrie goes rogue, asks for one last favor from Farah’s uncle being that she doesn’t want to just leave Brody there, seeing that he’s the father of her child and everything.

She arranges a cell phone call and remote meeting and begs Brody to leave Iran with her, but Brody isn’t trying to hear it.
CIA-ordered assassins come for Brody but Carrie is one step ahead, calling them out and telling him she’ll talk him through it. Brody tells her to get out of there and throws his phone into the bushes, assassins in pursuit.
The CIA duques realize Carrie warned Brody and Saul and Carrie hash it out on the phone. Carrie is revolted that Saul was down with a plan that involved Brody’s assassination if they were unable to complete extraction.

Brody knows the CIA tried to kill him and goes to the Iranian revolutionary HQ to blow up the spot – figuratively speaking.
Brody kills the duque there by bashing him over the head with a glass ashtray and then smothering him with a velvet pillow. We’re reminded in this scene that Brody is equal parts diplomat and renegade. He calls Carrie, sitting on the hotel room floor, on the cellular and tells her, then demands that she get him out of there.

End of episode.


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