Homeland Finale: “The Star”


Brody and Carrie open the episode by going rogue at full tension in Iran. Brody is getting ready for a new transformation with the duque he killed at the end of last episode, glass ashtray and green pillow in his wake. Brody is transported to an important Iranian government building and the tension mounts as he’s trying to blend in…we see the calculating and reactionary parts of Brody in this scene in equal measure. He goes through a bunch of Iranian security checks. Back at the murder scene, the wife of the man he killed discovers her husband’s body. His spot is blown up shortly afterwards, and he hijacks an SUV driver at gunpoint, fleeing angry Iranian police and guards in tow.

Carrie confers with Saul on the cellular and we know she’s all in and is going to go rogue; she wants to recover Brody. Saul takes a more pragmatic approach but Carrie’s not having it.
Brody gets his driver to drive him to a spot, then discharges him, throwing out his phone. He takes the SUV to meet Carrie where they switch into her car and she spirits him away to a safe house.

Javadi tries to call Saul to green light capture on Brody because it would look good in front of an Iranian magistrate. Saul hesitates because Carrie’s a part of the plan. Javadi speculates that if they were captured together, he would have less control of events on the ground and couldn’t secure her safety, or something like that.
Saul hangs up with Javadi and then consults that other CIA advisor.

Meanwhile, Brody gets emotional with Carrie during the ride, explaining how he was born in the Mojave Desert, and other bits from his past. He wistfully remembers his past. Carrie and Brody arrive at the safe house.
Special Ops and Blackhawks are arranged for the unrehearsed operations, up against some hi fi Iranian radar technology, of the extraction. At the safe house, Carrie and Brody reacquaint. She reassures him that killing that guy was no big deal, because of the evil nature of the man’s terrorism. Saul calls and Carrie confirms location at the safe house and hears that a recovery team is on the way to take them to Germany.
Edge taken somewhat off, Brody inquires what happens after the return home. Carrie doesn’t know. Brody reveals to Carrie what the man in Venezuela called him; a cockroach, and concedes that it’s true. Brody says he’s not a Marine anymore and hasn’t been in some time. They have an existential disagreement about the nature of FBI and military work.
Then she reveals she’s four months pregnant and Brody says he thinks that it’s the only sane thing left he can hold onto, so it’s a nice moment for both of them.

The next morning before first light she awakes him to meet what sounds like helicopters for the extraction. Instead, it’s Javadi’s men who have come to take Brody away. It’s a gun-toting, emotional scene with Brody and Carrie lying on the floor, hands behind backs. The scene ends with Brody being taken away by Javadi’s men as Carrie chokes back tears of shock.
She calls Saul and asks if that was a part of his plan, but Saul is angry because he figures out the CIA sold her out.
Javadi arranges for Carrie to meet with him. He tells her Brody’s in prison and has been sentenced to death by hanging. A public execution of Brody is scheduled at 4am. Carrie threatens him but Javadi’s like, or what? Javadi maintains that the plan Carrie worked for with Brody would be even more of a success if Brody dies.
Javadi says he knows that it’s always about and continues to be about Brody for her, and that now the world will see Carrie through his eyes.

Brody calls the efforts over as Carrie gets him on the phone. He says he wants it to be over, he’s okay with it, and Carrie is crying on the other end. He asks her not to be there whenever it happens. Carrie says she has to be there, and will be. Carrie is reduced to tears with Brody on the other line, hours to live until his death by hanging, right before morning prayer time.
Anticipatory grief sets in once she realizes that at this point, neither Saul, nor any other American entity can influence the outcome.
Carrie arrives at the town square with Farrah’s uncle and everyone else to be there at the hanging.
The murder victim’s widow spits in Brody’s face and tightens the noose around his neck.

Carrie cries, clinging to the gate, as she watches Brody hoisted into the air by a crane. Brody is dead. Carrie walks away in tears, bereft.

Fast forward to a scene in which Carrie meets up with the new CIA director and they agree she’ll be the new station chief in Istanbul She lobbies him for a star for Brody, for working as an agency asset. She wants him memorialized, but the CIA director does not.

Quinn and Carrie meet out in the parking lot.
Quinn convinces Carrie that she will make a great mother. Carrie is having doubts.

Carrie tells her sister and father that she’s going to have the baby, then go to Istanbul. She says she feels no love, only fear, and that she can’t keep the baby once she has it.

The CIA has a ceremony to honor fallen soldiers and Carrie runs into Saul. He wishes her well in Istanbul and congratulates her. They say goodbye.

Nighttime, and Carrie stealthily markers in another star to represent Brody, a last symbolic tribute.

Cut to black.


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