“Homeland” Recap: Redux


Carrie is losing her mind again, a state that I thought was triggered by PTSD over losing Brody combined with missing her medication – a perfect storm – but it looks like sabotage, maybe the medication’s been replaced by other psychotropic drugs? I’d thought it was a bipolar mixed state, played perfectly, but our heroine could quite literally be tripping – the same as any other pedestrian, non-bipolar person might. Either way, she’s definitely out of her mind, senses heightened, and mistakes an ISI agent for Brody. Events have obviously taken a toll on Carrie and now she’s ended up literally in the enemy’s hands – current circumstances paralleled by Saul’s situation as well. I predict that the parallel will play well together for both characters in the falling action of the season’s arc. She’s clearly not over Brody’s death yet, and they could get a few more seasons out of that, and maybe have her try to patch up her family relationships as well.

Obviously, Damien Lewis is going to be back for these types of mindf*ck scenes.

After Aayan’s abrupt death in the last episode, it definitely seems like she’s ripe to snap. She’s about to spill major secrets to the ISI agent. We’ll see if she gets out of it.


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