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Dedicated to the late James Rebhorn. Understated, tying up loose ends of past seasons and setting the stage for next season. Here are the highlights:
-Carrie returns home to eulogize her father.
-Carrie’s mother returns to clarify that she’d abandoned Carrie and the family not because of her husband’s and daughter’s bipolar temperaments, but because she’d gotten knocked up by someone else and couldn’t stay. This information seems to help Carrie by confirming that it was the mother’s shortcomings, not Carrie’s, that caused her to abandon her family.
-Quinn quits the sniper/spy business (initially).
-Carrie and Quinn finally kiss, but Carrie refuses Quinn’s help going after her mother, and Quinn promptly leaves to “go dark” on the next spy mission.
-Carrie feels betrayed by Saul and Dar Adal (sp) because they apparently both know Dar was playing both sides.
-Carrie takes care of Frannie and meets a friend of her dad’s while walking in the park. The friend reveals that Carrie’s dad had faith that Carrie would come back for Frannie.
That’s about it. I enjoyed this season and personally am glad that the era of Brody is gone.


A Christmas card that actually meant something to me from an ESL student, Kateryna. I don’t think she’s ESL classified anymore. Her writing’s improved so much since last year, when she was in my creative writing class. Now she is my student in literature. She’s really prolific and is always asking me to edit or read something. I knew she was a contemplative type, but her card kind of blew my mind (in a good way).



This morning during my commute I thought of Sister Souljah and her fabulous book, The Coldest Winter Ever. I gave this book to a former student about seven years ago…(2007?) and never got it back. I actually missed the book (it was a personal, not a school book) but wrote it off as a karmic gift, paying it forward in the name of advancing literacy and female empowerment.

I reflected on the student, who was urbane, sassy, and left in my mental archive of Ghosts of Students Past.

Fast forward to today, December 5, 2014. A brunette with the same face was sitting in front of me. It was HER!!

She’s back as a para. I recounted the memory and told her she was on my mind this very morning, and why. She apologized for stealing the book and was equally mind blown that I’d just been thinking about her.

I told her to consider it a gift. I’ll hit up Amazon for a replacement copy.