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Anyone else take a spin/cycle class? (I think this is technically just a “cycling” class but it is “Spinning” in my mind.) I’ve been dropping in on more than a few as my schedule will permit, as a time-efficient way to torch calories. 

Boring as it was at first (after 20-30 min I am over the bike riding experience) it’s a great way to burn calories and leaves me in a better mood overall. Plus there is the matter of adjusting the settings on your bike, which is a very intuitive process because one size does not fit all in the bike adjusting process. Also not everyone knows what they’re doing, and taking direction from someone who will lead you in the wrong direction is not rewarding.

Anyway this gym I go to has a huge weekend crowd, which generally doesn’t bother me except that you have to get to the 9:15 am spin class at like 8:00-8:30 to secure a bike! The oeodometer/speedometer starts as soon as you get a pedal rhythm going, and stops when it detects it stopping. So I might as well stay on the bike the whole time (8:15-10:15) to maximize calorie burn, which is so effective for this potentially dull (but not necessarily) workout.

From what I can tell, this class’ popularity stems from it’s time slot (Sunday) catering to availability in people’s weekend schedules. 

I also drop in to the Tuesday 6:45 pm class which is far less popular, due to what I also presume to be the time slot. The instructor of that class is more interesting, dynamic, and (usually) plays a variety of better music. 

I just discovered this class in February and there are some displaced regulars who are losing bikes to early birds (including myself I guess) and there is some negative grumbling. 

But then the workout is usually intense and positive and it’s a really good calorie burn. To keep it from being a total drag, I add drag – via resistance. It’s sweaty but is effective as a combination cardio/weight training session. I generally burn anywhere from 400-600 calories during a regular class, and 500-800 during the Sunday ones (with an extended warmup).


          I’m not a fan of regular group work in the classroom, but I’ve regularly worked with adminstrators who are. Suffice to say, group work is part of my curriculum (until I can’t take the noise anymore and am burned out from the chaos). 

          After a couple of walk throughs, my AP has mandated that I change my class setup from desks in rows into either a horseshoe shape or groups of four. I chose the latter. She is also mandating that I shorten the free writing/conversation portion of the class, due to it being dominated by five or six class leaders. I see this as water rising to its own level, but whatever. Inclusion at the expense of talent? Who knows. I can take direction and work under a supervisor. 

          My coworker thinks that things are great as they are and that we currently have great student to student interaction, which we do. However, it’s not what “they” want. 

          It’s quite aggravating as a teacher to come to expect professional autonomy and instead find micromanagement, but I’ll keep an open mind about today’s directive and post an update later on about how it goes.