Jumping Through Hoops

Today my coworker is absent and I was 10 minutes late…ideal conditions for another principal’s observation!

All I did was take attendance and read the remaining literary chapter aloud. (If and when she criticizes my lesson I’ll just remind her of the fact that she hasn’t allocated any funds for my students’ books for home reading assignments.) The room was very uncomfortable but I just shook it off. I didn’t try to put on a flourish or compensate. I didn’t come through 10 years of alternate side parking only to jump through more hoops for another circus master.

Professional autonomy, all day. In the meantime I’m trying to stay sweet, or at least civil, in this hostile place.

My dream right now is to start over in a supportive environment, where I’m given the tools and autonomy both myself (and students) need.

1 comment
  1. Stay strong, comrade! I know the struggle. Within these walls, brilliance is in the every day, not in the specially prepared

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