Monthly Archives: September 2015

Oh I kept the first for another day

Yet knowing how way leads onto way

I doubted if I should ever come back

Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2015.


pink peonies

Purple ponies 

Pointed arrows 

Poison sparrows

Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2015.

Stuck on sunset

Rays dapple through the forest
There are ticks and butterflies
and rabbits everywhere

Set down in nature
And the brilliant sands
And green grass
And brilliant blue sky

The sun plays games
with my eyes

Days pass and the hours freeze
In between your eyes
And feeling like I don’t care

The dark shady woods
I’d thought I’d left for good
And painted benches
Commemorating spirits gone too soon

Happy dogs and rotten logs
Sandy roads and horned toads
Butterflies and neglected homes
Coca lines and blown up phones

Parched grass piece of ass
Every pathway circumvented
By another road invented
Along the way.
Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2015.