Monthly Archives: October 2015

I miss you 

But you can do

Without me 

And that I can’t do.

Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2015.


These problems 

That I’m having 

I would have had them anyway 

Better to have them

In the Florida sunshine 
Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2015.

Short trees alongside 

Roadkill highway 

The trees get shorter

Then morph into palms

Air gets sweeter

I start melting into the sun

Like this Hershey’s chocolate bar

With almonds I can’t put down 

Manners take me further

Than the gas mileage on my Nissan

Which is pretty far to start.

Daybreak arches through scattered 

Pink clouds, bathing my brain 

With its pink light.

I’ll take a complimentary breakfast

Then fill my tank for 1.25 a gallon

At the Kangaroo gas mart

The hotel was sketchy 

But the road is sweet.

Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2015.

Sunlight decreasing

like dopamine

through the trees

chasing the warmth

like a sunlight junkie

Sinking into the earth

The nutrients in soil

Feed the trees in the dark

The explosion into light

happens when you least expect it

The sunlight reaches back less

then more

Try to keep pace

to travel the path

with the same


Outrun the sunset

Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2015.

Pinecone tree

Five pointed leaves

Fresh forest 

Pine scented woods 

Burning wood

Tires on gravel 

Road to travel 

Rooted trees

Can’t travel


Their leaves 
Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2015.