Night Fishing

Watch the wind synapse collapse
Strands of pearls
of wisdom entwined
reflected in a spider web

Outside such an elegant web
And beauty within
See the pulses of electrical light
From within the milky night

Entropic traffic within
Lights trail above
There’s a full moon
The sandbar changed form

Miles away
The waves sculpt the shore
Then sabotage their efforts once more
The moving depths.

Steal my breath
There’s a mood to match
A wave to catch
A mood in a major key.

Shifting away
to the minor key
The windy black sea returns
An absence of sun to burn.

Close by a man
Is wrestling with a sea creature
That doesn’t want to leave
Its home of aquatic anonymity.

Tell him to find me
A perfect white shell
That remains throughout
What the sea threw out.
Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2015.


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