Lately all I’ve been posting here on my blog is poetry (thanks to all my new followers!) However, at one point this blog was mainly a journal about my teaching career. 

For the sake of continuity, I felt it was time to update the blog with a post about where I stand in my teaching career.

I was let go from my interim position here in Florida, only about a month after my health benefits started too! And I’d had to wait a probationary period for them to take effect.

That was kind of a bummer, because I have a medical condition and need prescription coverage, if not coverage for doctor office visits. However, losing the job wasn’t altogether bad.

There were some aspects of the job that I liked, but my boss told me that my classroom management with the sixth grade was lacking. Also, between you and me, the “literacy coaches” surrounding me were altogether too ubiquitous and denied me the professional autonomy I’ve fought for, after years in the New York system with tenuous tenure. One day I was fatigued by the constant micromanagement and probably had resting bitch face with the wrong person. (I suspect this is true.)

I don’t blame myself too much because I only started teaching them in November and my forte is high school, not middle school.

The students were mostly off the wall, and I was out of my depth dealing with them, it’s true. Even when I taught 7th and 8th grade over ten years ago at the start of my career, I always hated teaching middle school and 6th grade was, to me, even worse. (9th through 12th is my forte.) 

Plus I ended up moving further away from the job than I’d planned, and the commute was annoying. 

Good things that came out of it were pay (granted, much lower than I’d received in New York, but it was a salary nonetheless), and benefits for about a month. COBRA is available to me if I can afford it, which I haven’t determined yet.

My boss was professional and told me that I can use him in the future as a reference, which is totally helpful.

Also, I received my official state certification in the state of Florida, which may have been fast tracked due to the position. So now I have certification in two states, and it stands me well down here for other opportunities.

I’ve applied to be a substitute teacher in the district where I currently live, hopefully that leads to something good. 

I’ll keep you posted. 


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