Monthly Archives: March 2016

Ghosts carried in voices

In the wind

Essence remained

Untethered from surface 

Casting shadows

In low places. 

Tempos ground to a halt. 

Bring it back, they cried.

The weather does 

what it wants to 

Every day. 

Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2016.


Trying to catch 

The sunset

Before it goes down

Or is made privy

To man made

Adjustments of time 

Extend an hour 

Light falls differently

Adjust surfaces accordingly

To the vector shift

Geometry and physics 

In the rays of light 

Expressed by each surface 

Interpreted millions

of ways.

Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2016.

Ghosts of the past 

In the palpable present

Bitter ghosts 

They move like icebergs,

Evaporated glaciers

in the clammy air.

They glide over the countertop

And pull at the thread

Stitched throughout my heart

They turn you into the king

of pain and the throne

is not my own.

Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2016.