Summer Recess

Well now we’re back to summer, the school year is out (finally) and I’m looking for a new position, as my supervisor decided not to renew my contract. I’m disappointed, since I feel like the reason is because I wouldn’t fabricate grades, but she wouldn’t tell me why when I asked what the issues were. I did some really good teaching and I wasn’t ever observed. I’ll post again if the specific reason comes to light, but she also told me I couldn’t use her as a reference and seemed annoyed that I’d asked.

Sometimes supervisors get annoyed if you snap on them, and I’m afraid I may have done so during a stressful moment. But that’s another conversation for a different time. It was nothing personal for me, but I know that not everyone bounces back from that the same way. Despite the inordinate pressures from the environment, some people view that as unprofessional. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.


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