Monthly Archives: February 2017

The light on another day

is extinguished; 

yet I know

The sun will rise tomorrow.

You told me you wished

you could get those days back, somehow.

You enjoyed my precocious youth,

an unexpected surprise for you.

You dressed me in velvet and gold,

and I jumped off the kitchen counter

Into your arms. 

You caught me each time, strong and steady.

The world shook, ebbed,

and crested around our 

impenetrable fort of love. 

Satellites around my father,

I was your grateful moon. 

The sun rose and set

every day around us.

You are still so beautiful, 

Although thin and frail 

as you struggle to untie your sneakers and stay steady 

to walk barefoot in the cool sand.

The ocean spray mists your face and a transcendent smile breaks 

onto your velvet skin like a ray of subtle sunshine.

Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2017.