Monthly Archives: April 2017

Balance up

Carry that weight

Feather weight



Shift the weight

Lean into me

Sharp shoulders

Full heart 

Ignore the nosy lady

I insist 

You’ve forgotten to stand

Lost your center

Of gravity

Call a truce with the ground

You can stand tall

As a skyscraper 

You’re alright you told me

You’re alright I told you

Fuck the nosy lady 

She knows not this dilemma

She confirms that it could be bad

A bad thing to struggle 

To lift yourself up

I reject her

I reject all who judge

From a paradigm of shame

Your compass 

Is being recalibrated

What do all these people know?

Where were they for years?

And we’ll stay in the park 

And be awkward if we have to.

I’ll never be ashamed of you.

You are stubborn though;

I look suspicious.

How could you let her fall?

I know the world moves

Too fast for you now;

I can relate and it’s just

Too bad for the world.

The world must wait 

As you find your balance. 

And you will find it, slowly,


I promise.
Copyright, Maria Castelli, 2017.