Monthly Archives: July 2017

He’s thinking of me
It’s in the atmosphere
He put it out there, now
My daydreams run wild
Like glossy horses galloping
Past their fenced corrals,
Hooves kicking up dust.



Defined by scores

Shaking and edgy

Nervous laughter

Echoed sentiments 

Mindfuck labriynth 

Fuck pharmacology

Group conscience 

The literature

Has never lied (although who knows about the authors)

Oral tradition 

Welcome to the family 

Of nonprofessionals

Break you down 

To build you up

Quack philosophy

Circuitous reasoning 

Orthodox religions offer 

Peace and a path

And are probably more free.

The Ten Commandments reduced 

To two 

Twelve shaky steps reduced to slogans reduced to abstinence 

Nothing changes if nothing changes

Promises made and broken

Echo chambers of thought

More nervous laughter


Big book studies

Work the steps


Call yourself out

Tell on yourself

The disease is doing push-ups in the parking lot


I call bullshit

The paradigm is flawed at best


Surrender to win

Surrender to lose

Critical thought suppressed

I’ve built a case against this 

I’d get up and leave a cult meeting too

My instincts are usually right

This quack system takes the mind

At a vulnerable point

And attempts to remold it

They will always work if we work for it  

Secrets exposed and shared

God must be doing for you

What you cannot do for yourself


I can’t sit through it ever

Brainwashed lambs

grasping at straws.

These dreams 

are nothing new

They crash in the wakefulness 

Of my mind.

It goes so fast

And you build a home

You visit me in dreams

There’s no revelation 

And you’re not there in wakefulness

It’s a wonder I can sleep

On foam and plywood

I can’t stop dreaming 

I used to analyze every dream

But now the dreams replace the


I don’t know what age you are

Or if age exists –

I think not –

You see me try to fix it,

Preserve it all,

Your visits mean so much

Even if I don’t know

what they mean,

if anything.