Broken Sound

Break bread

Break sound

Head west

Look round

In hours

You live

You take

You give

You make

You run

You hide

You confront

You deny

Words spill

Like acid

Rain on

Rich earth

Sand grains

Much worth

Audio set

Sweet grape

Medicine spoon

Summer moon.

Ear tubes

You lose

Sound yet

Vibrations abound

Button taps

Tones tune

Pitch switch

Cotton vaseline

Ear canals

Bathing cap

Underwater, no –

Tell them

They know

Intricate tubes

Three years

Wavelengths hear

See them

Green and red

Speakers vibrate

Pin drops

Deep water

Surface memories

Don’t splash

Mad dash

Dry towel.

Senses restored

Once more

Wavelength level

Bass and treble

Green lights

Red lights

Wavelengths shatter

Which pitch

Code switch

Balanced levels

From broken sound.


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