Monthly Archives: April 2018

When I think of Mary

Blessed Mother of Jesus

I hope she remembers my


Even when I needed coaching

When meditating on the Mysteries

Of the Sacred Rosary

Of the Blessed Virgin Mary

May we imitate what they contain

And obtain what they promise

Through the same Christ our Lord

All these things like Mary

I keep locked in my heart

My mother’s cornflower blue eyes

Awake and aware in her last hours

No one can absorb my grief

But Mary gives solace to my heart

May she cool the fevered brow of my mother

Thank You Lord for the look of love we exchanged in the last days

And the words of love

My remaining relatives are tough

No soft place to fall anymore.

There is little tenderness around

The tenderness is stored up in my heart and soul

I don’t know what to do with this love stored in my heart

Mother Mary please help me put it to good use

I have dishes and cards and music and photo albums

And memories

Please move me forward to a place where it’s safe to look back.

I’m Pat’s and Bernadette’s daughter

and they are with me still.

I’m on my own now but I was once loved and cherished

Their love sustains me now.

Mary all these things I keep in my heart.


When I speak of my Lord Jesus

I know He keeps me.

I know He carries me.

I know that He loves me

Despite my poor behavior

and doubts and selfishness.

He keeps me from drowning.

When all else is gone

And I despair and mourn,

I reach out through the veil

and touch the hem of His garment.

Shepherd me, oh Lord

Beyond my wants,

Beyond my fears –

From death into life.